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We look at the present and focus on how things are before visualizing how they might be. Using a collaborative approach, we search for discoveries of a personal and organizational nature. Unlike many coaches, we also offer advice and propose potential solutions for clients.

Our clients are those who avoid complacency at all cost. It has been said that learning never ends and “the important things are those you learn after you know it all.”*

Great leaders understand this. Success is not in arriving at a destination, but rather in the journey. We help leaders to take difficult journeys that ultimately are the most gratifying and illuminating.

We can help executives develop in the areas of leadership, personal growth, organizational development, recruiting strategy, and corporate culture building. Our clients are people and organizations that have experienced successes and failures and have learned that awareness, thought, action, and practice are the ways to build a fulfilling, prosperous future.

* John Wooden

In 10 sessions with Jim I learned more about developing as a leader and team player than in 10 years of mentoring relationships at work.

Hale Pulsifer Corporate finance professional